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OGARIT is certified ISO-9001: 2009 and ISO-13485: 2012. The quality management system for medical devices provides the highest level of tasks in the field of design, manufacture, sale and distribution of medical devices both in the EU and beyond.

We were honored by the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (the biggest charity action in Poland supporting the health service), which gave us the possibility to equip fourteen pediatric wards with the devices produced by us.

All products of OGARIT are certified as for the fulfillment of the essential requirements of compliance with the standards of the European Union resulting from the applicable directives and have the necessary permits of the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products in Poland.


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tel. +48 508-367-614
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e-mail: biuro@o­garit.pl

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Radosław Costantin
Head of Commercial Department
tel. +48 508-367-615 
email: rcostantin@ogarit.pl

Jacek Fronczak
Commercial department and administration
tel. +48 508-367-614
email: jfronczak@ogarit.pl

 Contact with us