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SO-1 Battery operating aspirator

SO-1 is a portable aspirator adapted for use in vehicles. It may be used when giving first aid in emergency departments (ED), in doctors' offices, nursing homes, hospices and for the suction procedures at patient's home.

SO-2 Electric portable aspirator

SO-2 is a portable aspirator which applies in doctors' offices, nursing homes and patient's home use.

SO-3 Electric aspirator

SO-3 is an aspirator designed to suction secretions and fluids in patients treated in dental and surgical wards, emergency departments (ED), hospices.

SO-4 Electric aspirator

The aspirator SO-4 is designed for suction of secretions and liquids during medical procedures. This device is mainly used in the treatment rooms and in the hospital emergency units.

SO-5 Electric surgical aspirator

SO-5 is a surgical aspirator designed to suction in the operating field. It may be used at the operating theater, treatment rooms, emergency departments (ED) and intensive care units (ICU).
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