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SO-2 Electric portable aspirator

SO-2 is a portable aspirator which applies in doctors' offices, nursing homes and patient's home use.

The aspirator SO-2 is a device with a compact design, convenient to use. A well balanced handle allows for easy portability and solid casing ensures long-term operation and ease of cleaning.

● stepless adjustment of the maximum vacuum
● clear indication of the current value of the vacuum
● convenient carrying handle
● practical handle for the power cord
● quiet and continuous operation
● foot switch
● reusable containers 1l or 2l
● disposable cartridges 1l or 2l

Technical parameters:
Catalogue number SO-02-20
Name SO-2 Ogarit
Max air-flow 20 l/min
Max vacuum level do 80kPa (+0%/-10%)
Vacum adjustment rangue (0÷80)kPa
Capacity of the collecting containers 1l or 2l
Type of applied parts CF
Isolation class II
Power consumption 70VA
Power supply 230V/50Hz
Dimensions 400x250x320mm
Weight 6kg

Manual SO-2 Brochure SO-2

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