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SO-1 Battery operating aspirator

SO-1 is a portable aspirator adapted for use in vehicles. It may be used when giving first aid in emergency departments (ED), in doctors' offices, nursing homes, hospices and for the suction procedures at patient's home.

The aspirator SO-1 is mainly characterized by small size and weight. Ergonomic casing and handle for carrying provide comfort during use outside. All elements steering and controlling the work of the aspirator are placed on the joint panel, which provides access and visibility of the display when the device is placed in a transport bag.

● stepless adjustment of the maximum vacuum
● a clear indication of the current value of the vac
● convenient handle for carrying
● work from the mains or vehicle's cigarette lighter
● quiet and continuous operation
● small size and weight
● reusable containers and disposable cartridges

High capacity batteries ensure long operating time without having to recharge.

Technical parameters:
Catalogue number SO-01-W SO-01-Z-40 SO-01-Z-80
Name SO-1/W SO-1/Z
Max air-flow 30 l/min
Max vacuum level do 95kPa (+0%/-10%)
Vacuum adjustment range (0÷95)kPa
Capacity of the collecting containers 1l
Type of applied parts CF
Isolation class II
Power consumption 60VA
Power supply DC (12÷15)VDC
Power supply AC directly from 230V/50Hz by external charger from 230V/50Hz
Battery operating time 40min 40min 80min
Dimensions 340x140x210mm
Weight 2,8kg 2,7kg 3,2kg

Manual SO-1 Brochure SO-1

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