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SO-5 Electric surgical aspirator

SO-5 is a surgical aspirator designed to suction in the operating field. It may be used at the operating theater, treatment rooms, emergency departments (ED) and intensive care units (ICU).

The aspirator SO-5 is a product characterized by the highest functionality. The control panel at the hips level and two instrumental rails are of particular note.

SO-5 has a practical system which allows you to check the maximum vacuum level. Having pressed one button you can read what the value of the maximum vacuum has been set. This value can be smoothly adjusted to the therapeutic needs using the special regulator.

Suctioned secretions are collected in one- or two-litre containers which may be connected to each other in the different ways. The containers can be connected in series in order to maximize the capacity or mixed such as series-parallel to get the opportunity to work without interruption to empty one of the containers.

● płynna regulacja maksymalnej wartości podciśnienia
● stepless adjustment of the maximum vacuum
● clear indication of the current value of the vacuum
● control system for the maximum, desired vacuum level
● guaranteed stability of the device the center of gravity is positioned
● mounted on the four-caster (two casters may be blocked) low trolley allowing smooth displacement
● two instrumental rails
● practical handle for the power cord
● quiet and continuous operation
● foot switch
● reusable containers 1l or 2l (up to 4 containers may be connected)
● disposable cartridges 1l or 2l

The ergonomically positioned control panel contains the following elements: start/stop button, the button of the regulator of the maximum vacuum level and indicator of the current vacuum level. The aspirator man be additionally controlled by a foot switch for even greater comfort.

The instrumental rails placed on the aspirator allow the installation of various types of accessories. The aspirator may be equipped with a practical basket for cannulas, a handle for the suction catheter and a switch between the collecting containers for example.

Aspirator SO-5 has a convenient transporting handle and a four-caster rolling base which allow to move it freely in all directions. The brackets for placing power and foot switch cords facilitate even more the movement of the aspirator.

This aspirator is equipped as well with a convenient handle for carrying it through obstacles like thresholds or stairs.

The solid housing ensures long-term operation and helps to maintain the aspirator in clean.

Examples of configurations of equipment:

Technical parameters:
Catalogue number SO-05-40 SO-05-70 SO-05-100
Name SO-5/40 Tornado SO-5/70 Tornado SO-5/100 Tornado
Max air-flow 40 l/min 70 l/min 100 l/min
Max vacuum level do 95kPa (+0%/-10%)
Vacuum adjustment range (0÷95)kPa
Capacity of the collecting containers max 4x2l
Type of applied parts CF
Isolation class I
Power consumption 160VA 186VA 432VA
Power supply 230V/50Hz
Dimensions 270x440x830mm
Weight 17kg 19kg 21kg

Manual SO-5 Brochure SO-5

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