OGARIT - Producent aparatury medycznej strzaka do gry
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P.P.H.U. OGARIT Export-Import
ul. Ludowa 14
05-092 Łomianki

tel. +48 22 751 39 79
tel. +48 22 751 36 29 int. 105
fax +48 22 751 39 76
mail: serwis@ogarit.pl

Mon. - Fri., 7am - 4pm
OGARIT is a manufacturer of electrical aspirators SO-1, SO-2, SO-3, SO-4, SO-5 and sets for central vacuum system CP-2, CP-2P, CP-2PW. The company is also accredited to service repairs and technical maintenance of their products. We provide warranty and post-warranty service throughout the country.

OGARIT ensures the deliveries of accessories and spare parts necessary for the long-term operation as well as the warranty and post-warranty service.
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